Asher Mains and His Art

All of the images on this site are the work of Asher Mains.
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  • Duct Tape Paintings

    Here are a few of the duct tape paintings I did for my recent solo exhibition. The description is not cryptic, I used duct tape in the pieces along with spray paint and oil paint to give a mixed media (and mixed technique) approach to my subjects. I used a burner to melt designs into the duct tape, treating it as paint with an almost sgraffito technique. Most of these images were references I had…

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    Here are a few images of my recent new work. I have been trying to think of a succinct name for these pieces. I think of them as my “transparent” work, although they are not really transparent. I think of them as my “Sea Fan” series even though not all of the pieces have sea fans in them. They are my “backlit” pieces even though some of them are just as compelling without being backlit. In some…

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    MFA First Year Project Proposal Revised

    Language and Interconnectivity

    Asher Mains

    Concept and Background

    Interconnectivity, for the purposes of this proposal, refers to the relations and interactions that entities sharing time and space invariably have. Further, interconnectivity can be a model to describe totalizing systems and facilitates consciousness once we are able to articulate these relations more effectively. The scope…

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