Asher Mains and His Art

All of the images on this site are the work of Asher Mains.
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  • MFA: First Year Project Proposal

    Art and Agriculture

    Concept and Background

    With its fertile volcanic soil, copious amounts of rainfall, and roughly 42% of its population under the age of 24[1], Grenada is ripe for an agricultural reinvention. Within the last 36 years, Grenada has seen a decline in the agricultural contribution to GDP from 27% to 5.3% in 2011[2]. Historically, Grenada has been a major world exporter of nutmeg,…

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    MFA candidate at Transart Institute


    MFA candidate at Transart Institute

    I am happy to announce that I will be pursuing my MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute. This international, multi-disciplinary, low residency program seems to be perfect for me in terms of working on research as well as my studio practice. I look forward to the rigor of the program and for the opportunities it may open up! See more about the program at


    I will be…

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    Pictures from the opening of Grafted Narratives, Gallery of Caribbean Art, Speightstown, Barbados. February 15th, 2014

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