Asher Mains and His Art

All of the images on this site are the work of Asher Mains.
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    Here are a few images of my recent new work. I have been trying to think of a succinct name for these pieces. I think of them as my “transparent” work, although they are not really transparent. I think of them as my “Sea Fan” series even though not all of the pieces have sea fans in them. They are my “backlit” pieces even though some of them are just as compelling without being backlit. In some…

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    MFA First Year Project Proposal Revised

    Language and Interconnectivity

    Asher Mains

    Concept and Background

    Interconnectivity, for the purposes of this proposal, refers to the relations and interactions that entities sharing time and space invariably have. Further, interconnectivity can be a model to describe totalizing systems and facilitates consciousness once we are able to articulate these relations more effectively. The scope…

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    Sneak peek of new work. Opening reception at Art and Soul Gallery, Grand Anse, Grenada.

    Artist Statement: Solo Show, Art and Soul Gallery.

    Artist Statement: Solo Show, Art and Soul Gallery.

    Opening reception, July 12th, 6:00pm, Art & Soul Gallery, Grand Anse, Grenada.


    Artist Statement – Asher Mains

    Solo Show, Art & Soul Gallery, Grand Anse, Grenada

    Language, like art, depends on a rich vocabulary, contextualization and fresh narratives to keep the audience engaged. The past twenty years of making art for me has at times been a dialogue, a monologue, and other times been…

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    MFA: First Year Project Proposal

    Art and Agriculture

    Concept and Background

    With its fertile volcanic soil, copious amounts of rainfall, and roughly 42% of its population under the age of 24[1], Grenada is ripe for an agricultural reinvention. Within the last 36 years, Grenada has seen a decline in the agricultural contribution to GDP from 27% to 5.3% in 2011[2]. Historically, Grenada has been a major world exporter of nutmeg,…

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    MFA candidate at Transart Institute


    MFA candidate at Transart Institute

    I am happy to announce that I will be pursuing my MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute. This international, multi-disciplinary, low residency program seems to be perfect for me in terms of working on research as well as my studio practice. I look forward to the rigor of the program and for the opportunities it may open up! See more about the program at


    I will be…

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