Asher Mains (1984 – ) Grenada, West Indies.

Material and process driven, Mains uses objects and materials that are familiar in the Caribbean. Whether the sea fans in his Venice Biennale work, Sea Lungs, or the faces in his Painted Portraits for Cocoa Farmers project, Mains is fiercely local while having a hand in the global art scene #glocal. Mains believes that the objects and material we use in our artwork help communicate who we are as people and our work should look as if we come from a specific place and time. Classically trained as a painter, Mains also utilises installations to demonstrate the empathic and mnemonic quality of the objects and materials that surround us.

Mains has a B.A. in Intercultural Studies from Calvin College and has an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute, accredited by Plymouth University, UK. He lectures at St. George’s University and started Art School Greenz, an alternative art school in Grenada. He is now in a Ph.D program with the European Graduate School for philosophy, art, and critical thought. Mains currently lives and works from Art House 473 in Grenada.

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