I believe that the materials we use in our art are capable of being empathic and mnemonic. In Grenada we are rich in natural resources and we are rich in stories. I believe that using materials that are familiar and available not only creates more inclusivity in our art community but also reminds us of who we are and where we are from.

We see a material like sea fans or banana fibre and immediately we have a feeling or a memory because we know this material and have a relationship with it. By extension, we are reminded of the landscape that is familiar to us because of the objects in it. We then are able to associate our identity with materials and stories where we are from rather than attaching our identity to hegemonic cultural producers. Rather than associating our identity with a brand or a movie, our identity is enriched and the stories we tell are better when we tell them within our own context. Ultimately, engagement with our landscape, the objects, and the people in it allow us to cultivate a more full humanity.