Lionfish for Hurricane Relief


Since I started doing these in September I have made 60 Lionfish raising over $3,000EC! Thank you for your support of this project and for the people that need it in Barbuda and Dominica. 100% of the money taken in goes towards relief efforts and as an artist, these lionfish have enabled me to pass on your love and support in a way I couldn’t have done myself. Thank you.


While lionfish are typically harmful to Caribbean reefs, these original paintings are being used to help with the hurricane relief of our Northern island neighbours.

For a limited amount of time, all proceeds from the sale of these pieces on 22.5″x28.5″ bristol board will go towards the Antigua and Barbuda Red Cross in their efforts to rebuild especially Barbuda.

Collection of pieces and funds for Barbuda will end on Friday, September 22nd after which, the Lionfish will go towards supporting Dominica.

Pieces can be collected at Susan Mains Gallery in Spiceland Mall, Grand Anse, Grenada.

For the moment we are not taking international orders as the cost and logistics are hindering. People are encouraged to donate directly to trustworthy aid organisations in affected areas.

The price for each piece is $20 USD or $54 EC.

Contact me here for information on ordering yours!


The lightest layer is an ink that I make with local materials. I created stencils for this piece using the same method I did for my Sea Lungs series currently on display at the Biennale de Venezia in Italy.


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