Burning Beach/You Are Here (2019)

Burning Beach/You Are Here installation for the 5th Grenada Contemporary Exhibit 2019 at Art House 473, presented by Susan Mains Gallery.

Glissant’s description of the burning beach is sober and chilling. He describes the sand, sun, and sea in almost lyrical prose, encapsulating a visitor’s vision of the beach before adding in his own sentiment – it is burning. Fragmenting the scene into different panels allows for each particular panel to be seen as its own “image” but also illuminates the disparity between the “idyllic” portions and the parts representing the socio-economic complexity of the beach. “You Are Here” is an emphatic statement which is used as a propaganda piece in the foreground and then reiterated as a dystopian projection. Glissant’s text is then a prelude to the ominous declaration/warning, “You Are Here”. Using simple elements and materials, the installation is laid bare so that there is little mystery to its facture – inviting the viewer to investigate and discover – much like Glissant’s charge.


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