Burnt Cube 2018

In LaLuna’s “Enchanted Forest”, a space made available to artists in Grenada to install sculptures and land art, I see it as a contemplative space. My contribution, “Burnt Cube” is entirely contemplative and designed to play with the way we view natural spaces.

The cube “frames” parts of the wooded area from all directions. The charred wood is like a 3 dimensional drawing – a rough cube like a child learns to draw. Nearly imperceptible from afar, the cube proposes to “formalize” everything seen through it as part of the art. In this way one sees the forest through the cube as the experience vs contemplating the cube itself.

Drawing inspiration from Sol Lewitt’s minimalist cubes but also touching on a James Turrell idea of how we can use space to affect how we see the world, the burnt cube even frames the sky and portions of the forest’s “Crown Shyness” where the trees have left a river of sky between them.

The char of the wood is meant to help preserve the wood but time will also be a factor in this work as the wood weathers and the plants grow around it. Viewers are invited to stand/sit/lie inside it and allow it to re-frame their perspective.





The cube has undergone a transformation in the spirit of Sol Lewitt’s incomplete cubes. The structure is still contemplative and invites viewers to see the Enchanted Forest ‘framed’ and changes the space, the cube is opened up – showing the possibilities for simple structures. Viewers are invited to walk throug


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