Duct Tape Paintings (2014)

Here are a few of the duct tape paintings I did for my recent solo exhibition. The description is not cryptic, I used duct tape in the pieces along with spray paint and oil paint to give a mixed media (and mixed technique) approach to my subjects. I used a burner to melt designs into the duct tape, treating it as paint with an almost sgraffito technique. Most of these images were references I had from Carriacou during carnival and the Maroon Festival.

NOW Grenada article on solo exhibition: Re|vision, 20 years of painting in Grenada: http://nowgrenada.com/2014/07/asher-mains-re-vision/

Bajan Reporter review of Asher Mains solo exhibition, Re|vision by Christina Cornier: http://www.bajanreporter.com/2014/07/asher-mains-revision-solo-exhibition-at-art-and-soul-gallery-by-christina-cornier/

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