Diaphanous Series (2014)

Here are a few images of my recent new work. I have been trying to think of a succinct name for these pieces. I think of them as my “transparent” work, although they are not really transparent. I think of them as my “Sea Fan” series even though not all of the pieces have sea fans in them. They are my “backlit” pieces even though some of them are just as compelling without being backlit. In some ways they are a culmination of my experiments with duct tape and stencil work. The material of most of them is sail cloth and combined with the organic sea artifacts they are in a sense, my “marine” work. It is hard, at times, to describe the place you’re in or process you’re using while you’re in that state. This new work is a very apparent description of my current state in relation to my thought process and my environment. In ways, the work itself shows a level of transparency literally, but also figuratively. For now, “diaphanous” is my operative title for this series. Diaphanous – “characterized by such fineness of texture as to permit seeing through”.


Back Beach from Asher Mains on Vimeo.

“This is a video I made to give context to the sea fans I use in my “diaphanous” series. I used sea fans to represent a sort of ambiguous cardio vascular organ in my work. Showing the environment I get my sea fans hopefully makes the context clear that our lives are supported by the sea the same way our bodies are supported by our organs.”

NOW Grenada article on solo exhibition: Re|vision, 20 years of painting in Grenada: http://nowgrenada.com/2014/07/asher-mains-re-vision/

Bajan Reporter review of Asher Mains solo exhibition, Re|vision by Christina Cornier: http://www.bajanreporter.com/2014/07/asher-mains-revision-solo-exhibition-at-art-and-soul-gallery-by-christina-cornier/

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