Detritus in a Digital Age (2015)

I began with this work based on a call from Grenadian curator, Susan Mains. The call was for work in reference to the social flux caused by technology in Grenada. As an artist that usually identifies as a representational painter, I began by wanting to explore the way that the digital realm has affected our […]

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The Gift: Social Portraiture (2014 – Present)

Originally posted on Asher Mains: Process:
The Gift: Painted Portraits for Cocoa Farmers Asher Mains ? Intro ? Growing up in Grenada, one of my favourite places to play was in the “cocoa patch” on the lush hillside that our house sat on. The broad leaves of the cocoa trees covered both the canopy and…

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Grenada at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015)

Grenada at the 56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia In its 41st year of independence, Grenada will take a great leap forward and be seen for the first time on the largest and oldest world stage, la Biennale di Venezia. Through the co-operation of Ministry of Culture, Grenada has been invited to […]

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Diaphanous Series (2014)

Here are a few images of my recent new work. I have been trying to think of a succinct name for these pieces. I think of them as my “transparent” work, although they are not really transparent. I think of them as my “Sea Fan” series even though not all of the pieces have sea […]

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Duct Tape Paintings (2014)

Here are a few of the duct tape paintings I did for my recent solo exhibition. The description is not cryptic, I used duct tape in the pieces along with spray paint and oil paint to give a mixed media (and mixed technique) approach to my subjects. I used a burner to melt designs into […]

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Grafted Narratives (2014)

Grafted Narratives, Dual Show with Susan Mains – 2014 Asher Mains Our realities can only be shaped by the language we use to describe and interpret them. By expanding the vocabulary of our experiences we are rewarded with a more elusive, vibrant reality. The words we use can be limiting; in this body of work […]

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